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Floor standing slatted bed bases

Артикул: ПН200-16-1 Размер: Length 2000mm х Width 1600mm х Height 368mm
Артикул: ПН50-16-2Р Размер: length 1950mm х Width 1600mm х Height 360mm
Артикул: ПН50-09-3Р Размер: Length 1950mm х Width 900mm х Height 395mm
Артикул: ПН50-09-2Р Размер: Length 1950mm х Width 900mm х Height 359mm
Артикул: ПН50-09-1 Размер: Length 1950mm х Width 900mm х Height 303mm
Артикул: ПН50-16-1 Размер: Length 1950mm х Width 1600mm х Height 373mm
Артикул: ПН50-08-3Р Размер: Length 1950mm х Width 800mm х Height 390mm

Flexible bedsteads on legs substitute a separate orthopedic bed. Elastic ribs made of hardwood, built into a rugged wooden frame, have been constructed in such a way that the construction does not squeak during your sleep but that it distributes your body dimensions evenly on the surface. Thereby the bedstead assumes an optimal shape that is required for a sound and healthy sleep as well as for the maintenance of the correct posture.

The bedstead is mounted onto stable legs that have been made from solid wood. All components used in production and assembly have been manufactured in Europe and comply with the modern quality standards.

The exclusive construction of the frame corner joints guarantees quiet sleep without a squeaking wooden frame. Legs of massive wood with the dimensions 45×45 mm with reliable mounting guarantee strength and durability of the construction. There is a mat of soft material mounted on each leg that allows to move the bedstead in the room without damaging the floor.