Купить детскую мебель из натуральной древесины от  производителя “Красная звезда” 

Звонок по РФ бесплатный:

звонить с 7.00 до 17.00 (Мск)
Сб, Вс (выходной)
Телефон/факс: 8 (34139)4-00-58, 8(34139)4-00-41

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In the personal section, users can view and edit their personal information.

  • The User profile page is used to edit personal and job information etc. The User profile component fully implements this functionality.
  • Users can open the Subscription page to edit the e-mail subscription preferences: subscribe to newsletters, modify subscription format, unsubscribe etc.
  • The Shopping cart page displays products that a user has chosen to purchase. A user can continue shopping, or check out.
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