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Slatted bed bases

Correct posture is an important precondition for the health and harmonic development of the human body. Diverse violations of the posture are widely caused by an incorrect position of the back during sleep. Flexible orthopedic bedsteads facilitate the prevention of the spinal curvature.

Elastic bedsteads that adjust to the body contribute to the preservation of the correct posture of the sleeping person and provide for a fluent perfusion of the brain which creates in turn the condition for a healthy and sound sleep.

Thanks to the lightness and compactness of the flexible bedsteads, these can be mobilized within the apartment and they can be set up suitably. They are also suitable for trips, for holiday homes etc. . Flexible bedsteads may serve as bed frames but also as independent construction on their own legs.

The frame is made of high-strength laminated birchwood with the dimensions 60×28 mm or 45×20 mm. The given dimensions facilitate the carrying of quite heavy loads without decreasing the mechanical strength thereby. As opposed to metal frames, our frames do not have any static load.

Ribs (strips) are made from birch-bed frames. Upon customer request, their front is faced with decor film such as e. g. beech, cherry wood, maple and other colors. The elastic platters made from natural materials allow the body to relax and to take the most convenient natural position. In case you suffer from back problems, we advise you especially of our flexible bedstead. When you sleep, your spine recovers, too. The ribs support the spine by preventing it to sag unnaturally and to contort.